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Responsible To Inspire Us To Leave The World A Better Place -

By being our anchor in the past, our senior advisors’ role is to remind us that, how we live in the present impacts the future we create.
In essence, our senior advisory friends will keep reminding us of the reality that our youth are our most precious resource, and that, ultimately, we send our children into a future where we cannot be. Let’s make is a worthy future.

In addition, our senior advisors have their day-to-day specialties and responsibilities –

Louise Kenny
Senior Financial Advisor

Louise’s role as Senior Financial Advisor is a key one in our company. Her financial experience and success, over many decades, are a real asset to GFM. Louise is one who has survived good times and bad times, many times over, AND flourished. Her wisdom and practical advice on our corporate finances are invaluable.

Louise will also be co-ordinating the charitable efforts of GFM. Her preference is for children, which is a perfect fit with the company’s focus on developing a future, of which we are proud, for our youth.

Contact louise@goodfriendmarketing.com

James (Jim) Kenny
Senior Motivational Advisor

Jim’s main role is to draw on his personal lifetime of experiences, to provide motivational material for GFM. He will act, in a sense, as our “resident poet laureate”. As a “reader of everything”, and as an avid collector of books, poetry and folklore, he is uniquely qualified for this task. You will be hearing from Jim on a fairly regular basis, in the Good Friend Marketing Newsletter.

Contact jim@goodfriendmarketing.com

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