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Responsible for Daily Business of GFM & Future Planning -

Marketing, Sales and Organizational Specialist

Mary is responsible for day-to-day operations of GFM as well as editing the Good Friend Marketing Newsletter.

She deals with our wonderful group of suppliers, and co-ordinates website requirements with the company’s webmaster. She is in the forefront of seeking out bold and brave new ideas, motivations, information, courses, etc.

In her own words: “in my journey which has led me to Good Friend Marketing, I have acquired several years of marketing, small business, organizational and sales experience as well as some teaching at both the college and high school levels. Along the way, I proudly acquired a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Administration, an M.B.A. with specializations in marketing, sales and small business, and a teaching degree.”
“I am passionate about helping people “skyrocket” their dreams into reality – not just a short-term “flash-in-the-pan” reality, but a peaceful, balanced, sustainable reality.”

This is what we are all about as a company. This is what I am about, and this is where my years of working for large and small businesses, teaching, earning degrees, and operating my own marketing consulting business have led me. All my roads have led HERE, to Good Friend Marketing.”
“I am confident we have the best collection of information products, courses, and motivational tools to help you skyrocket your dreams into sustainable reality”.

Contact: mary@goodfriendmarketing.com

PHILIP KENNY, P. Eng., Masters of Eng.
Technical Consultant and Systems Specialist

Phil is responsible for the design and implementation of our operating systems, and for all “matters technical” which relate to Good Friend’s products and services.

In Phil’s own words: “I have a wealth of engineering and educational experiences. As an “iron ring”, I have spent several years in a variety of educational and industrial engineering capacities, and in sales positions. Over the years, I have worked for some very interesting companies, but my “dream” of operating my own portfolio of businesses has led me to Good Friend Marketing. In addition to my work with GFM, I am planning to relaunch my e-commerce distribution business (this time, using Good Friend’s information products and “know-how”) and to begin writing a series of stories”.

“I feel our information products and courses and our motivational materials are exactly the right products to help you, our friends turn dreams into reality and to launch (or even relaunch) business(es). I believe you will use our information products and courses over and over again, to “duplicate” your earlier successes, and to “refresh” your memory about all the useful, practical information these information products contain”.
“I am this excited about what we, at Good Friend Marketing, have to offer you, our new “good friends”. I have had the privilege (and responsibility) to work with our information products, and I know what I am talking about. I, personally, am using the “Info Millions” Information Product, to turn what I already know about my personal interest in children’s stories, into a lucrative, successful, Information Products Empire! I can’t wait to make this dream of mine a reality! Stay tuned. I’ll keep you informed. AND, welcome aboard. I look forward to getting to know you and what you dream of doing in your life”.

Contact phil@goodfriendmarketing.com

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