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From: Mary Kenny, Newsletter Editor

December 2003 1-Volume 3.12

1. Mission Statement

WHEN IT COMES TO OUR MISSION STATEMENT, WE ARE PASSIONATE: Good Friend Marketing Ltd’s Mission Statement reads: “Our Mission is to help our good friends “transform” their sales and marketing dreams into reality – into a peaceful, balanced, sustainable reality”. This is the reason our CEO founded Good Friend Marketing. She is passionate about helping people accomplish this in their lives. This is the reason we are working together at Good Friend Marketing. We have combined our creative blend of vision and expertise into a rather unique format that cuts across the generations, into a “just right format” to help you, our friends, turn your dreams into reality. Helping people become their best, is what we, as a company, do best. So, climb aboard, and get ready to savour the motivation and practical help that awaits you!

2. Let’s Meet

Good Friend Marketing has a rather unique organization of “friends” for you to meet……
Note: For more information on our people and how to contact individuals, visit our “About Us” page on our website

“OPERATIONS FRIENDS” – Responsible for Daily Business of GFM & Future Planning -

MARY KENNY, CEO Marketing, Sales and Organizational Specialist

Mary is responsible for day-to-day operations of GFM as well as editing the Good Friend Marketing Newsletter. She selects our suppliers, co-ordinates our website requirements and is in the forefront of seeking out bold and brave new ideas, motivations, information, courses, etc. She is becoming somewhat of an “expert” on the learning curve for new internet businesses. Watch future newsletters and learn from her.

In her own words: “in my journey which has led me to Good Friend Marketing, I have acquired several years of marketing, small business, organizational and sales experience as well as some teaching at both the college and high school levels. Along the way, I proudly acquired a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Administration, a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with specializations in marketing, sales and small business, and a teaching degree. Internet business is adding a whole new dimension to my “education”. Stay tuned and I’ll share with you the success I am experiencing from my internet journey.”

“The internet has turned out to be THE medium to help me achieve my personal business goals AND THE medium to allow me to help other like-minded people “skyrocket” their dreams into reality – not just short-term “flash-in-the-pan” reality, but peaceful, balanced, sustainable reality.”
“This is what we are all about as a company. This is what I am about, and this is where my years of working for large and small businesses, teaching, earning degrees, and operating my own marketing consulting business have led me. All my roads have led HERE, to Good Friend Marketing.”
“I am confident we have the know-how, the drive, the desire AND the best collection of information products, courses, and motivational tools to help you skyrocket your dreams into sustainable reality. We have the passion to UNDERSTAND and MAKE the internet has WORK FOR US. STAND BY --- The adventure is just beginning”.

PHILIP KENNY, P. Eng., Masters of Eng. Technical Consultant and Systems Specialist

Phil is responsible for the design and implementation of our operating systems, and for all “matters technical” which relate to Good Friend’s products and services.

In Phil’s own words: “I have a wealth of engineering and educational experiences. As an “iron ring”, I have spent several years in a variety of educational and industrial engineering capacities, and in sales positions. Over the years, I have worked for some very interesting companies, but my “dream” of operating my own PORTFOLIO of businesses has led me to Good Friend Marketing. In addition to my work with GFM, I am planning to relaunch my e-commerce distribution business (this time, using Good Friend’s information products and “know-how”) and to begin writing a series of stories”.

“I feel our information products and courses and our motivational materials are exactly the right products to help you, our friends, turn dreams into reality and launch (or even relaunch) business(es). I believe you will use these information products and courses over and over again, to “duplicate” your earlier successes, and to “refresh” your memory about all the useful, practical information these information products contain. While lots of How To info products and reports come and go, I believe our info products are classics.”
“I am this excited about what we, at Good Friend Marketing, have to offer you, our new “good friends”. I have had the privilege (and responsibility) to work with our information products, and I know what I am talking about. I, personally, am using the “Info Millions” Information Product, to turn what I already know about my personal interest in children’s stories, into a lucrative, successful, Information Products Business! I can’t wait to make this dream of mine a reality! Stay tuned. I’ll keep you informed.
AND, welcome aboard. I look forward to getting to know you and what you dream of doing in your life”.

“YOUTH CONSULTANTS”- Responsible For Keeping GFM Focused On Its Journey Into The Future

TOM (TJ), Student Youth Consultant
Tom, who is studying engineering at University in British Columbia, Canada, provides ongoing consultation services for the company’s forward planning. His valued “youthful” opinions and recommendations are a great assist in the company’s short term AND long term product development areas – and the speed with which new products are discovered and brought online. Utilizing Tom’s youthful expertise is one way Good Friend Marketing keeps abreast of a changing world. He provides the perspective of the generation which will inherit “the future” we create!

JENNA (Jen), Student Youth Consultant
Jenna is a very talented youth consultant, whose opinions and recommendations in our operations and promotional areas are appreciated. Her creativity is sound, and her assistance is invaluable. Her talents in business are mature far beyond her years; she has experienced her own “hands-on” business through Junior Achievement. As a young person, Jenna’s contributions to the company’s forward planning remind us about how the world of youth impacts our operations.

“SENIOR ADVISORY CONSULTANTS”– Responsible To Inspire Us To Leave The World A Better Place

By being our anchor in the past, our senior advisors’ role is to remind us that, how we live in the present impacts the future we create.
In essence, our senior advisory friends will keep reminding us of the reality that our youth are our most precious resource, and that, ultimately, we send our children into a future where we cannot be. Let’s make it a worthy future – let’s do things “right” for them and for the long run; let’s not look for temporary ideas and “quick fixes”. Let’s be a worthy role model for our children’s future!

In addition, our senior advisors have the following day-to-day responsibilities –

Louise K. Senior Financial Advisor

Louise, as Senior Financial Advisor, is key to our company’s operations. Her financial experience and success, over many decades, are a real asset to GFM. Louise is one who has survived good times and bad times, many times over, AND flourished. Her wisdom and practical advice on our corporate finances are invaluable.
Louise will also be co-ordinating the charitable efforts of GFM. Her preference is for children, which is a perfect fit with the company’s focus on developing a great future for our youth.

James (Jim) Senior Motivational Advisor
Jim’s main role is to draw on his personal lifetime of experiences, to provide motivational material for GFM. He will act, in a sense, as our “resident poet laureate”. As a “reader of everything”, and as an avid collector of books, poetry and folklore, he is uniquely qualified for this task. You will be hearing from Jim on a fairly regular basis, in the Good Friend Marketing Newsletter.

We would like to acknowledge an impressive group of “Extended Family Friends” (Key Suppliers), without whose help and expertise, we would not be where we are today …

Over time, you will be introduced to these exceptional people whom we, at Good Friend Marketing, are proud to call “friends”. Stay tuned. Several of these special friends will be taking part in what we call “Round Table Discussions” in the months to come.


“Generations Belong Together”. Ask Yourself
“What Can This Approach Do For Me”?

“Generations belong together” is one of our cornerstones. At the end of the day, what else do we have? We have our family, our friends, our past, our history, our culture. We understand where we are in the present, much better, if we understand the past, through our “senior” generation. We trust the guidance and motivation provided by those who have “been there, done that. But, we add our own “twist” and creativity to their wisdom… enter a future wildly interesting and exciting!!

In terms of our future, we will have a better focus about where we ought to be going, if we plan that future from the perspective of youth. After all, they are the ones who will inherit the future we create, whatever that future happens to be. They need input into what will eventually be theirs, in the world. Plus, our youth are SO HONEST. They “tell it like it is” (sometimes more than we want to hear!). We need to make sure that what we plan for the future takes into consideration the honesty and outlook of our young people.

Generations are the “lifeline” that connect us one to another; generations are the “conduit” that joins us to our past and leads us to our future; generations enable us to CELEBRATE OUR PAST, LIVE OUR PRESENT AND PLAN FOR OUR FUTURE. ALL generations are involved in all of these steps – so ALL generations should be part of this process of life – no generation should be excluded. That is the way we “plan” at GFM.

At GFM, we CELEBRATE our past through the wisdom of our Senior Advisory Friends; we LIVE our present through our day-to-day managers; and we PLAN FOR our future, using input from our youth.

By utilizing the uniqueness of EACH generation, we create SYNERGY, whereby the results achieved by using the combined talents of all the generations are greater than individual results any one generation could produce, on its own. That is, by cutting across the generations, we maximize our efforts to help you turn your dreams into reality. And, this, my friend, is what Good Friend Marketing is all about: leaving no stone unturned, doing everything just right, to help you, our friends “skyrocket” your dreams into a reality that is happy, peaceful, balanced and sustainable. We don’t offer “quick fixes” that will disappear tomorrow.

Welcome to our awesome circle of “friends” and our “unique” way of doing things. We hope to serve you well, and we look forward to you experiencing the thrill of turning your dreams into an exciting reality! Remember – this is what we, as a company, are all about.



How Can YOU Turn What You Already Know Into Successful Information Products?

The following has been prepared in QUESTION & ANSWER Format, based on frequently asked questions which have surfaced time and again, as we prepared our products for launch. Of all the product interest that was expressed by “friends”, Information Products topped the list! We have found that people want step-by-step practical instructions they can use NOW to build successful information-products businesses in the shortest time possible. AND we have found that people want to understand not only what they are doing, but why. WHY? So they can repeat their success again and again and … you get the picture. If one successful information product is good, two are even better, and so on…

Question 1.
Why focus on information products to turn what you know into successful products?

Answer 1.
There are several reasons, including –

1) In today’s world, Information Products are HOT. We are increasingly an information society. People have voracious appetites for GOOD information (meaning it needs to be accurate and complete) in areas that are of interest to them. People search and search for just right information, and, when they find it, can be very loyal.

2) For the person trying to “develop” products, information products are desirable because these can have far lower development costs than other products. This is important if you have a tight or almost non-existent budget.

3) Information products are easier for you to work with, than other kinds of products, especially if you pick a topic you know and understand. If you follow the instructions in our “Info Millions” manual, you can write and launch your own info product – the first time.
4) It is fun to work with product information you know and understand, AND vital to build your confidence – especially at the start. After you have one or two successes “under your belt”, then you will be confident enough to experiment with lots of other “ideas” for info products.

5) THE FIRST TIME YOU PREPARE AND LAUNCH A PRODUCT, (I feel) the higher confidence level, the more likely you are to COMPLETE the launch AND be successful with it. Because you have confidence and you know your product, if troubleshooting is necessary, you will be better able to competently handle it. AND, your first SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT is CRUCIAL to your ongoing successes. Without a FIRST SUCCESS, there is never a second success!

6) Because development costs are relatively low for information products, people are encouraged to experiment and be more creative. Often, this approach pays handsome rewards over the long term.

We could go on, but you get the picture …

Question 2
Did Good Friend Marketing write its own “how to” information products manual?

Answer 2
Before committing all the time (years) talent and resources necessary to write a product of the caliber of “Info Millions”, GFM staff searched and researched and searched some more to find out if what we wanted already existed. Because of our high standards, we were not confident that we would find EXACTLY what we wanted.

Question 3
What criteria did you set to meet your high standards for your manual about “how to develop and launch information products”?

Answer 3
The following very “tough” criteria were used. ALL factors had to be met, no exceptions –

1. the info products manual had to contain the exact information needed to help uncover all those “information products ideas” buried deep inside each one of us,

2. the info products manual had to provide THE RIGHT information to PROFITABLY market these new-found products, with details of how to do this SUCCESSFULLY,

3. all techniques in the info products manual had to be “proven successful in the real world”, no exceptions, (no unproven theories were allowed – not even one)

4. the info products manual had to have a significant role model in the marketing world

5. the info products manual had to be organized in a complete, professional, easy-to-understand format, utilizing more than one media, and including personal examples people could study over and over again

6. the info products manual had to have bonus material, and

7. the info products manual had to be deemed by GFM to be “a classic” and worthy of our 12-month money-back guarantee.

Question 4
Did you find such an info products manual?

Answer 4
Eventually, YES. We did find exactly what we needed. We learned about Bob Serling’s series of information products courses. The first one which captured our attention was his “Info Millions” manual.
We found THE BEST advice we have ever seen, in Bob’s “Info Millions” course/manual. We also found a role model “par excellence” (there is none better), in the person of Bob Serling. This course and this author are both very exciting. Bob’s advice and research were really worth the effort of making it all available to you, our good friends.
It took a while to prepare “Info Millions” for you, because it was time well spent., We are convinced it is exactly the right information you need to “dream up” and launch successful information products of your own.

Question 5
Why did Bob Serling write Info Millions?

Answer 5
Bob Serling is a very successful information products marketer, who has made himself independently wealthy with the information and techniques he discovered and developed during years journeying through the “school of hard knocks" of information products. He wrote Info Millions to help people, serious about having their own information products “empire”; he included in it all the same step-by-step practical advice he personally used, to build his “empire”.
He gave all he had and then some, to make sure like-minded individuals had all the “right” information to follow, to turn their ideas into SUCCESSFUL information products.
Bob knew that if he could help other people be successful in the information products field, then there would be more people for him to get together with and share products and ideas with, for even more success (for all involved)!

Question 6
What else do you know about Bob Serling?

Answer 6
Bob Serling is a proven and amazing marketer. He got his start in copywriting, and went from there. He started his multi-million dollar information products empire with one small, simple idea. He creatively “piggybacked” this idea onto other products, and, as the say, the rest is history.

Bob never stopped. He kept testing and revising concepts and ideas. He presented his work at seminars, he interviewed experts, he conducted related telephone conferences, he worked closely with his customers and learned from these people, and he also worked closely with many, many other marketing “giants”, and together they created many unique marketing ideas that worked. And then, finally, Bob was satisfied with his information, and Info Millions became a reality.

Question 7
Will the Info Millions manual/course help me, or is if mainly for Bob Serling and his friends?

Answer 7
Great question. Info Millions manual/ course is EXACTLY for you. It will give you all the step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions you need to develop information products for your own business. Whether you have been developing info products for years, or whether you are brand new to the concept, you will find what is “just right” for success in this lucrative field of information products.

For your information, recently, Bob Serling decided to “trail blaze” other marketing ventures. As a result, he turned over his information products to a trusted colleague. And, again, the rest is history. Good Friend Marketing was “in exactly the right place at exactly the right time”, and, was able to arrange for Good Friend Marketing to offer Bob Serling’s Info Millions course DIRECTLY to its customers.

Question 8
What are the chances I will be successful with Info Millions? Will anybody at Good Friend Marketing help me, if I need it, to implement what is included in Info Millions?

Answer 8
A fair question. The chances are very good that you can be successful launching/ marketing information products, using Info Millions. If you are motivated about having your own information products business, (and it doesn’t matter if you are brand new or a seasoned pro), you will have the JUST RIGHT information you need to accomplish your dream.

AND, ABSOLUTELY, you will have your friends at Good Friend Marketing to motivate and journey with you, for as long as you want or need.

Question 9
Where can I find more in depth information on Info Millions?

Answer 9
You can go to for a fairly complete explanation of Info Millions, and an opportunity to obtain this excellent proven manual.

LAST WORD: DO IT. Get the information you need to make your dreams come true. DO IT. Let us help you. DO IT. The time has come to DO IT. DO IT. It is exciting. DO IT – Get started. DO IT. Follow the link.


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