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Good Friend Marketing was founded in 2003 by lifelong marketer Mary Kenny and her team of technical, experienced and youthful experts. Good Friend Marketing is focused on “friends helping friends to market success”. A lifetime of marketing successes, sales successes (remember: nothing happens until the customer buys something!) and educational successes have proven time and again that Mary has tremendous expertise and a successful track record helping others to succeed. People new to business and people experienced in business are deserving of “just right information” to help them turn their business dreams into peaceful, sustainable successful reality. Good Friend Marketing is relentless in its pursuit to provide such “just right” information. We hope your process of starting and/ or improving your business will be easier and more informed, as you “travel” with Good Friend Marketing.

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your input…

Contact Phil Kenny, P. Eng., “expert” on all “matters technical” including product development phil@goodfriendmarketing.com

Contact one of our youth advisors (Tom, Jenna) for any matters which connect youth and Good Friend Marketing youth@goodfriendmarketing.com

Contact one of our senior advisors (Jim, Louise) for matters which relate to motivational issues, motivational sayings, etc., for the newsletter, charities, etc.

For any ideas or articles for our newsletter or our Resource Listings, contact us at newsletter@goodfriendmarketing.com

Want to discuss business joint venture ideas? Or your need is not covered above? Then Contact

Contact Information

Mary L. Kenny
President and CEO
1-(519) 453-4448
1-(519) 657-0935
Good Friend Marketing
611 Wonderland Rd. N., Suite 355
London, Ontario, Canada
N6H 5N7

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Good Friend Marketing Ltd.
611 Wonderland Rd. N., Suite 355 - London, Ontario, Canada, N6H 5N7

Fulfillment Center 6893 Sullivan Road, Grawn, MI 49637
Tel: (519) 453-4448 - Fax: (519) 657-0935 - gfm@goodfriendmarketing.com