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About Good Friend Marketing
Mission Statement -
Good Friend Marketing has a rather unique organization of “friends” who are passionate about “helping our good friends “transform” their sales and marketing dreams into reality – into a peaceful, balanced, sustainable reality.” This is our Mission Statement and it is the focus for everything we do.

Mary Kenny, CEO
Responsible for Daily Business at GFM and Future Planning

Phil Kenny, P. Eng., Masters of Engineering, Technical Consultant and Systems Specialist
Responsible for “all matters technical” and systems development

Responsible for keeping GFM focused on its journey into the future -

Tom Bennett, Student and Youth Consultant – Specialty, planning in a changing world

Jenna Bennett, Student and Youth Consultant – Specialty, creativity and extensive “youthful” “hands-on” experience

Responsible - to inspire us to leave the world a better place and for motivational materials and financial advice–

Louise Kenny, Senior Financial Advisor

James Kenny, Senior Motivational Advisor

“Friends Helping Friends to Market Success” -
As we put our Mission Statement into practice, our focus for everything we do is to be “friends helping friends to market success”.
Individuals, small businesses, and medium businesses trust our friendship. They can rely on Good Friend Marketing for those “JUST RIGHT” motivational assists to help them stay “on track” and focused on their dreams and goals. They also like the way we “dig out”, search for, write, do whatever we have to do, in order to keep them abreast of the best in marketing and sales information products and courses, as these are the “heart” of what we have to share. Our “good friends” also find the experts we support are “just right” to help them meet their goals.

Does Anybody Want Our Help?
Our passion is to help others turn their dreams into reality, because we know what it is like to want to do something about your dreams, but to not know exactly how to go about it. This was OUR beginning. As they say “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. And we started, and researched, and “dug out” information, people, etc., etc., until we found what we were looking for. Then, we decided that what we had uncovered was just TOO GOOD to keep to ourselves. We wanted to let other people take advantage of the learning curve we had been experiencing, so they could get a BIG “jump up” on turning their dreams into reality. They could use what we had found out to help themselves. But, we first had to find out if “other people” were interested in this.

And know what? From our research, we found out that many “good friends” are as passionate as us about their own dreams – or would like to be - if only they knew how. They would like a reliable “good friend” they could trust, to help them find answers to the same questions we asked ourselves - What do I do first? How do I do it? How do I improve what I already have? How do I use my existing marketing successes as a springboard to even MORE successes? How do I find those JUST RIGHT marketing and sales experts who can help me? How do I KEEP myself motivated?

And so, Good Friend Marketing was born – out of a passion to be “that friend” who helps “you” our “good friends” to market success.


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