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: The following page contains the details of the highly profitable techniques and strategies recently revealed at a sold-out tele-seminar guaranteed to let you finally harness the power of the greatest prospecting and selling tool of our times.

If you want to get hundreds of qualified new prospects and customers to contact you (instead of you chasing after endless dead-end prospects) the audio CD's of this powerful event are precisely what you've been waiting for...

“The New Rules Of Internet Marketing”

What you should NOT expect from this page:

Let me be perfectly clear: the techniques and strategies revealed here are NOT a rehash of the "same old, same old" that all the so-called Internet marketing experts have been pushing. Because none of that stuff really works -- if it did, we'd all be making money on the Internet by now.

Instead, this 4-hour tele-seminar is an altogether new model, unlike anything you've ever seen. And most importantly, it's the only Internet marketing model I've ever come across that truly delivers results. And I mean powerful, money-in-the-bank results -- in fact, one company I know of is using this model to bring in over $1,200,000 a year in sales.

What's more, if you're one of the select few professionals fortunate enough to get your hands on these tapes, I will personally guarantee your success.

Because if you aren't absolutely certain that the breakthrough techniques you discover on these tapes will finally make it possible for you to add $50,000 or more every year to your bottom line by marketing your product or service on the Internet, I will refund your entire investment on the spot.

Dear Friend,

Have you been wanting to put the immense prospecting and selling power of the Internet to work for you, but don't know how to get started? Have you tried to market your product or service on the Web, but been frustrated and disappointed with the poor results? Have you used the Web for customer service, but can't figure out how to use it to bring in tons of highly qualified leads or get actual appointments?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, I've got great news for you. I've finally found what we've all been looking for. Someone who truly understands how to market ANY product or service on the Internet. Someone who can show you a simple, proven model that will deliver a substantial flow of new clients for your business.

In fact, his model is so easy to use, and so effective when it comes to bringing in new business, I guarantee that the very least it will do is...

Add an additional $50,000 bottom line profit to your business EVERY YEAR!

Let me explain. My name is Mary-Louise Kenny and I'm CEO of GOOD FRIEND MARKETING. And since first deciding to start my Internet business  two years ago, I've come to realize that nearly everyone has a serious marketing problem they've been unable to solve... no one seems to be making any money on the Internet.

No one has been able to "crack the code" to successfully bring in a steady flow of qualified customers and sell their product or service using this powerful medium.

The Costly Truth About Internet Marketing

There's this myth that it's easy to make serious money on the Internet with almost no cost and no risk. Just throw up a web site, place a few banner ads, let the search engines bring you tons of traffic, and start cashing in.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

My research didn't turn up one case of anyone who is successfully marketing their services on the Internet. Plus, some of the worst losses I've seen businesses take have been through failed attempts to prospect or sell their services on the Internet.

This probably comes as no surprise to you. Because if you've offered your services on the Internet, you know (by the hole in your bank account) that what I've just said is absolutely true.

Here's something crucial you should know:

The reason service professionals are getting such horrible results on the Internet is that the way you've been told to prospect and market with this powerful medium is all wrong.

You see, the techniques the so-called Internet marketing experts have been pushing simply don't work. They didn't work in the beginning... they don't work now... and they darned well won't work any better in the future.

So if you want to make the Internet work for you instead of against you, you simply can't afford to throw money out the window on techniques that have been proven NOT to work.

Here's What You Need To Really Sell A Tremendous
Amount Of Your Product or Service On The `Net

As I mentioned above, I've finally found the one person who can show you how to really sell your services using the Internet. Interestingly, he was "right in my own backyard."

The person I'm referring to is a marketing consultant by the name of Bob Serling whose techniques have allowed me to substantially improve my own business. Bob's insightful advice and recommendations have added thousands of dollars in profit to my business. And really, it's no wonder when you look at what he's doing with his own businesses...

For example, Bob took the first few sales of one of his early products and piggy-backed that into a lucrative joint venture with a prominent marketing company. Then he piggybacked those sales into a high-ticket seminar. In just a few months, that handful of sales was converted into an income of $74,259.

His other successes include...

  • Bob recently took the software business he built and sold it for $6.2 million in just 17 months. And thatís typical of the results he achieves!

  • Bob has authored five marketing courses, including direct marketing classics  including "Maximum Profit Direct Marketing," "Maximum Profit Copy Clinic," "How to Write Million Dollar Ads," and "Power Copywriting for the Internet," he has developed the revolutionary "reverse marketing system," and he has taught his strategies to literally tens of thousands of people.

  • IBM, Deloitte Consulting, Ford, Amgen, Anheiser-Busch, the United States Air Force, and Squibb Pharmaceuticals are just a small handful of the companies who have done business with him.

  • Bob's services as a marketing consultant are in high demand as his strategies and techniques produce dramatic results, often increasing clients' sales by double, triple... even as much as 917%!

  • Every week, people call him with loads of projects he'd love to work on, but just can't fit into an already full schedule. He was recently contacted by a major New York publishing house to see if he'd accept an advance to write a book for them.

  • Bob is asked to speak before business groups and at seminars all over the country. But he rarely does this because he doesn't want to work more than 30 or 40 hours per week.

  • Best of all, Bob can live anywhere he chooses, work any hours he wants, and dress any way he pleases. Plus, he completely controls his own ability to make as much money as he wants. He has made as much as $61,400 in a single day... more than most people earn in a single year!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Bob's successes have him scrambling to move into a larger space and hire more staff just to keep up with all his increased business...

Why am I telling you all of this? Simply to explain why I wasn't surprised to discover that Bob had done what no one else seemed to be able to do: he developed a simple, practical, devastatingly effective method for prospecting and selling any product or service on the Internet.

Bob himself uses this model to add a healthy six figures annually to the sales of his consulting services. And one of his clients is using this same model to produce sales of $3,500 a day. If you don't have your calculator handy, that's $1,277,500 a year!

The BIG LIE Revealed

Let me tell you how Bob Serling actually discovered how to sell a ton of products and services by using the Internet.

Like most of us, when Bob was ready to bring up his own web site, he turned to the acknowledged experts for advice. He read everything he could get his hands on, interviewed many of these experts for his newsletter, and diligently studied every web site these experts recommended as models of doing it right.

Bob took what he had learned and had his web site built following all the advice the experts agreed on: give away plenty of free information to draw the attention of your prospects, get registered with all the search engines to attract huge streams of traffic, put up banner advertisements to get prospects to "click through" to your offers, and so on.

After a few months of getting nothing more than a trickle of sales, Bob was upset. And when he's upset, he goes to work! Bob called many of the "experts" he had come to know, asking them all the same question:

"Why isn't my Internet marketing working? How come
I'm not making very many sales?"

The answer he heard over and over was, "Internet marketing is different than other kinds of marketing. It takes more time. Give it another few months and you'll start making some sales."

But Bob didn't stop there. He publishes a newsletter with over 4,500 subscribers, so he got on the phone and did some "shirtsleeve research." He asked his subscribers who had web sites that were at least one-year old if they were making any money.

The answer was a resounding "NO."

He then went back to the phones and asked the so-called experts if they were making any money on the Internet. Every expert admitted that their sales figures were pathetically weak. Then they spouted the same old garbage, "But I'm sure if I wait long enough, the sales will eventually kick in."

Now Bob was really mad. He realized he had been sold a bill of goods by a bunch of self-appointed experts who never really sold anything themselves on the Internet. And that all of their advice was just empty theories.

What's more, Bob did a little checking around and discovered industry research showed that over 90% of all web marketing fails. So the web marketing "experts" knew all along they were promoting a sinking ship!

The Secrets To Making Unlimited Sales
On The Internet

Now Bob Serling is one of those people who just won't accept "No" when his gut instinct tells him something can be made to work. He's taken marketing situations that were getting lukewarm results, applied his own unique twists to them, and turned more "dogs" into hands-down winners than any other marketing consultant I know.

Bob knew in his gut that the Internet could be made to work -- and work like crazy. So he set out to develop a method to cash in on the full sales potential of this unique medium. And, as I've already told you, what he discovered was nothing short of a major breakthrough.

Now, I'm extremely excited to announce that I was able to get my hands on a 4-hour live tele-seminar where Bob reveals ALL of his strategies and techniques for prospecting and making unlimited sales on the Internet. It's called The New Rules Of Internet Marketing and this tele-seminar is unlike anything you've ever seen or heard. These techniques are not being taught anywhere else.

Check for yourself. Pick up any book on Internet marketing. Every so-called expert is still pushing that worn out model of "give away a ton of stuff for free and pray that someone eventually buys from you." This is sheer nonsense. All it really gets people to do is expect even more free stuff from you.

Bob's model is radically different. It focuses strictly on getting appointments and selling your product or service now -- not waiting 6 months, a year, or more in hopes that someone will miraculously decide they should finally buy something from you. Most importantly, Bob has tested, refined, and proven his model in the only place it really counts -- in the market place.

During this 4-hour event, Bob shows you everything you need to know to start making substantial sales on the Internet right now. Here's an overview of the powerful advantages you'll take home from this one-of-a-kind event:

  • A powerful "paint-by-number" model for creating a Direct Sales Web Site that brings in highly qualified prospects, generates dozens of appointments, and makes real sales right from the start. Get all the tools, strategies, and techniques you'll ever need to start making serious profits selling your product or service on the Internet.

  • How to cash in by adding a lucrative line of products to your business. Because Bob's model works equally well for selling products or services, many professionals have taken advantage of this to add product sales to their business and put substantial profits in their pockets. You'll discover how easy it is to create your own products and profit with this simple, low-cost strategy.

  • Having trouble drawing traffic to your web site? Not any more. You'll get a complete arsenal of all the best, proven ways to generate tremendous streams of traffic to your site. And I mean highly qualified traffic -- prospects who are ready and able to buy your product or service right now. Whether you do business on a local level or nation wide, Bob gives you all the tools you need to attract as many new prospects as you can handle.

  • Why your web site isn't making money. Tired of losing money even though you've followed all the experts' recommendations? Discover once and for all why these so-called experts are just blowing smoke. And find out how to turn this around immediately to cash in on the immense potential of the Internet.

  • Discover how to give your product or service a unique edge that makes you the only one people want to do business with. Using this simple, deadly accurate positioning technique, you'll bring in more business than you thought possible on the Internet. Better still, while you're making all these new sales, your competition will never know what hit them!

  • New math for Internet marketing: 1 + 1 = 4. Or, how combining offline and online prospecting techniques can easily double, triple, even quadruple your profits.

  • Why e-mail marketing is the most powerful prospecting and sales tool you could ever hope for -- when used the right way. Small fortunes are being made every day with this one technique alone -- as long as it's done right. On the other hand, substantial sales are being lost by well-intentioned service professionals who use e-mail marketing improperly. Find out the right way to use e-mail marketing, what crucial mistakes to avoid, and how to rocket your sales up another level with this powerful tool.

  • Discover the inside secrets of an actual web site that gets people to purchase expensive services directly on the Internet. I guarantee you're in for a shock when you see how this ingenious site gets people to enthusiastically send in their names, addresses, phone numbers, sensitive financial information, and sign a contract right on the spot.

  • How to use the Internet to double or triple your profits through repeat sales to your existing clients. Repeat sales are the fastest, easiest source of increased profits in any business. Find out why the Internet is the ideal tool for making repeat sales. And how to use it to capitalize on this lucrative profit center with no cost whatsoever.

  • Two ways to turn your ordinary offer into an extraordinary offer few prospects can bear to pass up. Because the Internet is an information driven medium, it's ideal for positioning your product or service -- even ordinary products and services everyone offers -- head and shoulders above the crowd. Find out how to gain a powerful prospecting, appointment-setting, and sales-generating advantage no competitor can equal.

  • 5 techniques, highly recommended by all the "experts," you should avoid like the plague. Banner ads will bleed your bank account dry. Search engines waste tremendous amounts of your time and money. These and three other commonly recommended techniques will be exposed for the money drains they really are.

  • The instant copywriting clinic. You'll write Internet marketing copy like a pro when you discover simple strategies and techniques you can "plug in" to your web copy and outsell even the highest paid professional copywriters.

  • "Click Bridges" -- insider techniques for getting people to "click" on special pointers that keep them on your web site longer, resulting in more sales. And how to keep prospects from "clicking" away to other sites, robbing you of sales you should be making.

  • The simplest, most powerful secret imaginable for getting people to part with their hard earned cash online. Here's a dignified, guaranteed way to get people to do business with you right now. In many cases, prospects even pay to preview your product or service. You can easily build this powerful technique into your Internet marketing in under an hour and have it bringing in new prospects and new sales right away.

  • WARNING: One single factor far outweighs all others for consistently drawing huge amounts of traffic to your web site. Yet not one of the so-called "experts" ever talks about this crucial component. Find out what it is, how to get it, and how to use it to march straight to the bank with increased sales.

  • Want to increase your profits 30% to 65% overnight? Find out how to plug in a simple, ready-to-go piece of software that boosts your profits like nothing else you've ever seen. This single technique alone can be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars extra profit to your business.

  • How to harness the magic of multi-step selling on the Internet. Research has demonstrated that the vast majority of sales take between 5 and 8 contacts to make. The same research shows that 95% of professionals quit after just 2 contacts. That means you're leaving a lot of sales on the table.

    Find out how to have automated, multi-step selling programmed into your site and reap those sales you've been leaving behind. You can do this yourself with just a basic level of technical competence. Plus, you'll be shown companies that will set up the entire process for you for about $15 per month.

  • The biggest mistake 99% of all businesses make in attempting to draw traffic to their web site. Here's a huge error that can flatten your sales in the blink of an eye. Find out how to avoid it and a powerful way to "reverse" its impact and gain even more appointments and sales for your business.

  • The ONLY search engine to bother registering your web site with. For the most part, trying to stay on top of the search engines is a tremendous waste of time. However, there is one search engine that's incredibly easy to use and outperforms all others. Discover how to put this powerful tool to work for your business and start drawing highly qualified prospects to your site right away.

  • Why the improper use of graphics can actually damage your sales. Some graphics are absolutely essential, while others are meaningless decoration that actually kill sales you'd otherwise be making. Find out how to determine which graphics work for you, which work against you, and essential techniques you must know to use graphics to your advantage.

  • How to set 95% of your web site up on auto-pilot, make sales, collect vital prospect information you can turn into even greater levels of sales, accept payment, and bank your profits without ever lifting a finger. If this statement sounds too good to be true, it really isn't. In many instances you can automate almost all of the selling process. Find out how to do this, when to apply it, and how to gain tons of sales you never would have seen without this remarkable process.

  • Should you create your own site or hire someone to do it for you? That depends. Some functions should be turned over completely to an outside source, while others can jeopardize your success if you relinquish control. Find out what to turn over to others, what you should never let out of your control at any cost, and how to seamlessly combine them for a powerful web site that maximizes your sales and profits.

  • How to find a webmaster who can create your Direct Sales Web Site. Not all webmasters are equally beneficial for your business. Find out the precise questions to ask to determine who can build you a highly profitable site right from the start and how to avoid webmasters who are your worst nightmare.

  • Actual examples of Direct Sales Web Sites that are making serious profits right now. You'll be taken on a live tour of a number of sites that are bringing in serious profits using just a few of the prospecting, appointment setting, and direct sales techniques you'll discover during this tele-seminar. Use these sites as models for putting your own business on a fast track to immediate sales and profits.

... Plus much, much more than I have room to cover here!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels — Successfully Marketing
Your Services On The Internet Is Now A Reality

That's a partial overview of what you can expect from this 4-hour immersion training on how to cash in by selling your product or service on the Internet. There's actually much more than I have room to cover in this letter, but I'm sure you get the picture.

The important point is this: there is now a proven, guaranteed model you can use to achieve the Internet marketing success you've always heard is possible. The New Rules Of Internet Marketing gives you all the practical tools you need to double or triple your profits in the shortest time possible.

Everything I've just described above is covered in complete detail. Most seminars tell you what to do and very little else. That's not the case here. Not only will you be shown what to do, the reasoning behind every step you take is thoroughly explained.

And, most important of all, you'll get complete step-by-step details showing you precisely how to carry out each and every strategy and technique. Plus, everything is presented in plain English -- no confusing techno-babble spoken here! Bob delivers everything you need to prospect and sell your product or service on the Internet on 4 audio CDs plus a workbook filled with real life examples that have proven to be enormously profitable.

I've personally gone over Bob's model with a fine-toothed comb. And I guarantee it can be easily adapted to sell more of absolutely any product or service -- no matter what you sell, be it dog food, fancy cars, life insurance, or whatever!

In fact, based on what I learned by listening to this tele-seminar and studying the examples, I've made a few simple changes to my own web marketing that have put me on track for adding significant additional profits to my bottom line this year. And for many more years to come!

Don't Settle For Making Less Than What You Deserve
— Do Something About It Today

Leading economists predict that in just 5 to 10 years, fully half of all business will be conducted over the Internet. The future of your business depends on your knowledge of the `Net and knowing how to make the rapid changes in commerce work for you. Don't risk being left behind. The New Rules Of Internet Marketing will give you all the tools and clear, step-by-step details you need to make sure you're harnessing all the selling power of this powerful medium.

The cost of the audiotapes from this one-of-a-kind tele-seminar is just $189. I've kept the price as reasonable as possible to make it accessible to anyone, regardless of whether you're just starting your Internet business, or whether you're a seasoned pro.

But even with this low price, here's what's really important. If this tele-seminar just presented another set of weak, ineffective, hope-for-the-best techniques that left you broke and frustrated, it wouldn't matter what the price was. It wouldn't be worth it.

But if you can actually add a minimum of $50,000 a year extra profit (and probably more) to your business year after year for as long as you're in business, what is that actually worth to you? I can't put an exact dollar figure on it for you, but I can tell you this: at $189, this program could very possibly be the best bargain and the best investment you'll ever make.

Another way to look at it is this: what will it cost you if you choose not to take advantage of the powerful techniques revealed in this program? How much would losing $50,000 extra profit every year mean to you -- $50,000, $100,000 or more? ... All because you didn't take action on a program where you simply can't fail because if you don't get the results I've promised, it doesn't cost you a dime.

I Invite You To Put All Of The Risk Entirely On Me
By Taking Advantage Of My....

“12-Month Decide-For-Yourself Guarantee”

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you. You see, I completely guarantee that these powerful strategies and techniques will give you everything you need to successfully prospect and market your products and services on the Internet.

In fact, I'm so confident that you'll be enormously successful, I'm offering you a full money-back
"12-Month Decide-For-Yourself" guarantee.

Here's how this works. Listen to all 4 hours of these audio CDs. Take in all the powerful information, discover how ingenious Bob's model is for selling on the internet, see all the actual money-making web sites in action, and put any or all of the techniques to use in your own business. Take a full 12 months to test, use, and benefit from this powerful material.

Then, decide for yourself. If you aren't absolutely floored by what you discover... if you aren't thoroughly convinced that what you've received is worth a minimum of $50,000 extra profit every year to your business... just return the CDs and I'll refund the full $189 you invested. No questions asked.

Quite frankly, while it might seem like I'm sticking my neck out, I can't imagine anyone actually requesting a refund. Because once you discover how easy and foolproof it really is to make serious money selling your product or service on the Internet, who in their right mind would want to pass this up? Especially knowing you'd have to return the materials and forfeit the substantial jump in profits you'll soon be enjoying.

If You Want To Get In On This Limited
Opportunity — You Need To Act Now!

As I mentioned earlier, this is a limited offer. Once the first production run of these audio CDs has been sold, it could be many weeks before another run is available.

I fully expect all of the first run to sell out in short order. So if you're really serious about achieving maximum success in your business, you can't wait. You need to take immediate action.

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If you'd like to be as successful as possible in your business, and gain a powerful measure of control over your personal and financial future, you couldn't ask for a better opportunity. This is your chance to add substantial profits to your business year after year by harnessing the power of the Internet.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that will change your business, your profits, and your life forever. Take a moment now, before all of these audio CD sets are spoken for, and order The New Rules Of Internet Marketing.

I look forward to helping you gain all of the success and profit you know is available in your business.


Mary-Louise Kenny, CEO

P.S. We get dozens of calls every day, and I've mentioned this tape package to a number of these callers. This resulted in dozens of copies being sold already -- including some to prospects who had only heard of us from other satisfied clients. If you're serious about taking your business to a new level, don't delay. Right now, while it's fresh in your mind, take a minute and place your order.